Monday, August 30, 2010

Sophisticated Computational Devices

According to Wolfram|Alpha, there's only 123 days left for me to meet my deadline. That puts my painting requirements at approximately 170 points per week, or about 25 points a day. That's no joke - that means I need to assemble and paint something like a squad of marines every week. I'm guessing the Fantasy troops will be about the same, with the large units and expensive characters just about canceling each other out.

With that in mind, I assembled and primed a bunch of stuff tonight, including the entire assault squad and a few test marines. I'm going to try to sit down tomorrow after work and paint a marine from start to finish to work out some color scheme questions and get some pictures on this blog.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Angels of Death

I came across some excellent Excel army list templates today courtesy of Ben over at The Quiet Limit of the World and got inspired to try my hand at some listbuilding. Since I haven't gotten my hands on a copy of the WFB 8th edition rulebook yet (and the universal magic items list that comes with it), here's a Dark Angels list.

Actually, it's a Codex: Space Marines army list painted green, which is an unforgivable sin around certain sectors of the web. Luckily, my group is pretty cool about this sort of thing. And for the haters out there, whatever man, I put in my time fielding Deathwing for the past couple years and I want to put some tactical marines on the table.

If it makes you feel any better, I overcame the urge to field Blood Angels. And I'm pretty sure I figured out a nice deep red, too.

Space Marines: 1500

  • Chaplain: combi-melta, jump pack (130)

  • Terminator Squad (5): assault cannon (230)

  • Tactical Squad (10): plasma gun, plasma cannon, Rhino (220)
  • Tactical Squad (10): plasma gun, plasma cannon, Rhino (220)
  • Tactical Squad (10): power weapon, flamer, heavy bolter (185)
  • Scouts (10): 5 bolt pistol/combat knives, 4 sniper rifles, heavy bolter

Fast Attack:
  • Assault Squad (5): power fist, flamer (135)

Heavy Support:
  • Devastator Squad (10): 4 missile launchers (230)
It's a weird list; not enough redundancy, a distinct lack of melta, et cetera. I'm looking forward to painting these models, though, and I think it'll be a good start toward a painted army collection.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bonus week running down

Between vacationing and spending way too much time playing Runewars, I'm off to a slow start, but I've been cleaning mold lines here and there. Taking stock of the models in the queue, here's what I'm likely to start painting first:
  • 32 Spearmen with two full commands
  • 8 Silver Helms with full command
  • 5 shadow warriors
  • Some form of character (probably a mage and a Battle Standard Bearer)
I need to rush on the Spearmen because they don't have slottabases, so I can't use them in games until I at least get them based. When I finish painting the bases (they've been modeled and primed) and the Spearmen's boots, I'll glue them to the bases and they can at least hit the table while I finish them up. It seems to be a controversial decision, but I've decided to paint the bases separately because I've got terrible patience and even worse brush control. I never understood how folks can navigate around a painted model's feet without screwing up their previous work.

I also have ten marines with bolters and a 5-man assault squad in the wings. With all of the attention on 8th edition Fantasy right now these guys aren't really a priority, but they are a pretty big distraction because they're far less intimidating to paint than the elven troops and I've got a mostly-finished test model sitting on the desk. I'm traveling again this weekend so I have no great hope of making huge strides, but if I can get back early on Sunday I might dedicate an hour or two to finishing up the test marine, decals, sealer, and all.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Armies

The first thing to do when you decide to finish two armies by the end of the year is decide which two armies to finish. In this case it's pretty easy as I've got a bunch of models purchased, but I still have some choices to make.

Since I started getting back into miniatures I've collected a ton of space marines that I've been passing off as Dark Angels, so putting some green paint on marines is my priority as far as 40k goes. I have 40+ terminators (thanks, Black Reach box set) that I've been fielding as Deathwing, but I'd really like to get more tactical marines on the table so I'm not going to paint a pure Deathwing force for this challenge, as easy as that would be. I'm almost certain to paint some terminators, though, using the excellent Coolminiornot tutorial.

In the realm of fantasy, I'll be marshaling a High Elf army. It's quickly becoming apparent that painting and assembling Fantasy miniatures is way more involved than the average 40k model (compared to Space Marines, the training wheels of the 41st millennium, anyway).

I didn't have a ton of spare time tonight but I did manage to clean and assemble eight barded elven steeds and half of their Silver Helm riders. First order of business for this project: getting enough elves in a decent enough state to start playing some WHFB games in September.

I'm going to need some help. Ever seen a grown man shoot a laser from his guitar at a cartoon robot? Now you have.

I've got the touch!

Of the monstrous pictures of whales.

This is the story of a man with an obsession. It's the story of a man, blade in hand, poised to embark upon an impossible voyage of conquest. He is alone save for the eyes of the gods, which remain fixed upon him in mute judgment. The legions of his adversary are practically innumerable.

I'm talking, of course, about the obscene amount of unpainted Games Workshop product in my closet.

It's a situation far too many hobbyists find ourselves in - the rampant accrual of toy soldiers (henceforth referred to as "dudes") without an accompanying rise in painted models. Taking stock recently, I realized my home is awash in a sea of unpainted, partially-assembled dudes. I blame Games Workshop for producing such high-quality models and my parents for my poor impulse control. Still, it seems like if there's a time for something to be done, it's now. Actually, that time has probably come and gone, but better late than never, right?

First, some background. I bought the 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy boxed set on a family vacation when I was 12, and started playing Warhammer 40k in my early teens. A few friends and I played intermittently throughout the first half of college, but due to waning interest, growing frustration, and a series of scary student loan bills, I sold my entire collection (including most of my painted armies) to an acquaintance for cheap shortly after graduation. I was convinced my Games Workshop days were behind me until a few years later when I began to feel the siren call again and discovered the fine folks over at Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts. With reckless abandon I shortly amassed a small mountain of plastic and a whole heap of excuses. I've been with the club for close to two years(!) now, and still don't have a proper army to show for it. The shame!

So now it's time to see what I've got. The object of this challenge is to complete a 1500 point army for BOTH Warhammer Fantasy Battles AND Warhammer, 40,000 in the following months:


The U is for "U better get this shit done."

The rules are simple. I've got until year's end to complete my task, no excuses. It's a tall order. Along the way I'll call upon my fellow gamers to critique my progress and, should I fail, decide my fate. I'll need to work hard lest I find myself at the mercy of these pitiless overlords.

It's time to SO(u)ND off!