Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Armies

The first thing to do when you decide to finish two armies by the end of the year is decide which two armies to finish. In this case it's pretty easy as I've got a bunch of models purchased, but I still have some choices to make.

Since I started getting back into miniatures I've collected a ton of space marines that I've been passing off as Dark Angels, so putting some green paint on marines is my priority as far as 40k goes. I have 40+ terminators (thanks, Black Reach box set) that I've been fielding as Deathwing, but I'd really like to get more tactical marines on the table so I'm not going to paint a pure Deathwing force for this challenge, as easy as that would be. I'm almost certain to paint some terminators, though, using the excellent Coolminiornot tutorial.

In the realm of fantasy, I'll be marshaling a High Elf army. It's quickly becoming apparent that painting and assembling Fantasy miniatures is way more involved than the average 40k model (compared to Space Marines, the training wheels of the 41st millennium, anyway).

I didn't have a ton of spare time tonight but I did manage to clean and assemble eight barded elven steeds and half of their Silver Helm riders. First order of business for this project: getting enough elves in a decent enough state to start playing some WHFB games in September.

I'm going to need some help. Ever seen a grown man shoot a laser from his guitar at a cartoon robot? Now you have.

I've got the touch!


  1. You really think Marines are easier than Fantasy? I guess I could see that a little bit since you don't have to worry about rankable poses, but I'm not too sold on that. Skaven are like 2 pieces. Marines are like 234! Maybe you're just not putting on the grenades? I'm totally going to call WYSIWYG on your grenades the next time we play... That's right, I'm not afraid to be that guy.

  2. Well, I was mainly thinking about painting - not including highlights, the basic marine has what, armor, accent armor, joints, eyes, bolter, chest eagle, done. Compare this to the standard fantasy dude, who's still got the armor and the weapons, but also tends to have an assortment of pouches, secondary weapons, frilly shirts, dead animals, and other assorted weirdness.

    But I think you could make the case that Fantasy marines are more of a pain to assemble, too. The marines have a bunch of parts, but it's mostly clean lines. With Fantasy miniatures you tend to have to deal with drapery or fur or some other texture. I'm working with the old High Elf spearmen kits, too, which only have a few parts less per model than a tactical marine.

  3. Why aren't you two painting instead of having tea cakes and chamomile?