Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bonus week running down

Between vacationing and spending way too much time playing Runewars, I'm off to a slow start, but I've been cleaning mold lines here and there. Taking stock of the models in the queue, here's what I'm likely to start painting first:
  • 32 Spearmen with two full commands
  • 8 Silver Helms with full command
  • 5 shadow warriors
  • Some form of character (probably a mage and a Battle Standard Bearer)
I need to rush on the Spearmen because they don't have slottabases, so I can't use them in games until I at least get them based. When I finish painting the bases (they've been modeled and primed) and the Spearmen's boots, I'll glue them to the bases and they can at least hit the table while I finish them up. It seems to be a controversial decision, but I've decided to paint the bases separately because I've got terrible patience and even worse brush control. I never understood how folks can navigate around a painted model's feet without screwing up their previous work.

I also have ten marines with bolters and a 5-man assault squad in the wings. With all of the attention on 8th edition Fantasy right now these guys aren't really a priority, but they are a pretty big distraction because they're far less intimidating to paint than the elven troops and I've got a mostly-finished test model sitting on the desk. I'm traveling again this weekend so I have no great hope of making huge strides, but if I can get back early on Sunday I might dedicate an hour or two to finishing up the test marine, decals, sealer, and all.

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