Monday, August 30, 2010

Sophisticated Computational Devices

According to Wolfram|Alpha, there's only 123 days left for me to meet my deadline. That puts my painting requirements at approximately 170 points per week, or about 25 points a day. That's no joke - that means I need to assemble and paint something like a squad of marines every week. I'm guessing the Fantasy troops will be about the same, with the large units and expensive characters just about canceling each other out.

With that in mind, I assembled and primed a bunch of stuff tonight, including the entire assault squad and a few test marines. I'm going to try to sit down tomorrow after work and paint a marine from start to finish to work out some color scheme questions and get some pictures on this blog.


  1. Didn't get paint on anything as the motor in my fan blew out and my living room is disgustingly, unbearably hot. I did prime 15 spear elves, though. Will have some pictures up by Sunday.

    Also saw the minis from the Island of Blood set "in person" - FANTASTIC.

  2. I reject your Island of Blood appraisal. Waste of time and money.