Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better Red Than Dead

After a bunch of frustrating setbacks regarding failed High Elf test models, I decided to switch gears and paint some Dark Angels today. I'd been trying to decide whether to give my marines black bolters or do the old school red "lunch box" bolters. I usually prefer darker, more realistic schemes but I was worried the black might make the model too boring, so I tried out some red bolters today.

To achieve a deep wine red I gave the gun a light wash of Leviathan Purple, followed by three washes of Baal Red, followed by a careful wash of Devlan Mud. So mostly, the gun is purple, but it's actually not bad.

I also applied some decals, which are a huge pain for not a lot of payoff. I'd skip them if it weren't for the Codex Astartes. It's probably a good idea to buy some micro-set, but at this point I'm sick of shelling out money for accessories for an already expensive hobby, so I'll just deal with it for now.

The models are definitely what you'd call "tabletop standard" but at this point, I'm happy sealing them instead of stripping them, so that's a big check in the win column. I'll have to wrangle a camera soon. I'm not really psyched about 40k right now, but I can't lie - I'm definitely looking forward to putting down some painted squads next week.

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