Tuesday, October 12, 2010

High Elves vs. Empire, 1500

After months of vague planning and halfhearted trash talk, Matt and I finally got our armies on the same table at last week's PAGE meeting. It was a busy weekend, so I brought the same list I used against the ogres in my previous game and Matt brought an Empire army consisting of:
  • Level 4 wizard with the Lore of Shadow
  • Level 2 wizard with the Lore of Fire
  • 2 units of spearmen each with multiple detachments of handgunners
  • 2 units of pistoliers
  • A unit of knights
  • A cannon, Hellblaster Volley Gun, and some kind of crazy engineer
We decided to play Scenario 1 for simplicity's sake and Matt won the rolls for board edge and first turn, so after deploying his gunline and making his vanguard move, the game was on. There was no need to move any of his units, so Matt's first action was the cast flamestorm with this level 2 wizard.. He cast with irresistible force, but the template promptly scattered into thin air and the wizard lost two levels for his trouble, essentially reducing him to a pajama'ed victory point bonanza. Later on, he suffered the same result with his Level 4, but the Lore of Shadow did an admirable job debuffing my swordmasters throughout the game. Miscasts abounded, mostly due to Matt's bad luck and my Book of Hoeth, but as far as the elves' magic phase was concerned, Throne of Vines really proved its worth with its ability to allow the caster to ignore miscasts on a 2+. In fact, it's probably crucial to the Book of Hoeth+Archmage+Regrowth strategy I've been relying on.

Gunpowder weapons wreak havoc on the frail elven constitution, and my Reavers evaporated in the face of the Imperial handgunners. Similarly, the two units of pistoliers on the Empire flank savaged my swordmasters, taking down 6. Critically for Matt, though, they didn't finish the job and I was able to complete the charge. In the magic phase, I pulled off a massive regrowth with irresistible force, restoring the unit to full strength. This was the turning point of the game as the swordmasters were able to cut down the pistoliers with ease and overrun safely into the right Imperial flank, putting them in position to chew their way down the gunline. Incredibly, the destruction of one unit of pistoliers caused the other to panic and flee off the board, making it difficult for Matt to respond to my maneuvering. It also reduced the hail of fire just enough that the second unit of swordmasters and the spearmen were able to charge and break units further down the Empire battle line, although the Hellblaster did a nasty job on the spearmen, killing all but Caradryan and the command models.

It was getting late, so we had to call it just before turn 4. I came out with a little over double Matt's victory points, but I'm not calling this a victory because we didn't finish and we played a few rules the wrong way. In terms of learning how my army works, though, this was by far the best game yet. It's all about the swordmasters.

Master of the blade! Wielder of the steel! With iron fury, killer fire and speed! With his mighty sword, he reaps his vengeance!


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  1. Your wizards are necromancers dressed as high elves. IM ON TO YOU.

    Glad to see the swordmasters do so well. Seems like you're learning a lot.