Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dark Angels vs. Codex Space Marines, 1750

The results are in, and this year Election Day was really tough on... the Dark Angels. My good friend Joe and I met last night in his palatial estate for a gentleman's game of Warhammer 40,000. My list consisted of mostly Deathwing units with a tactical and assault squad thrown in to showcase my newly-painted squads and to boost my numbers and mobility. Joe brought a Vulkan-themed codex list instead of his usual Drop Pod extravaganza, although both drop pods and Sternguard made an appearance.

We generated an Annihilation mission using Pitched Battle deployment rules, which was good as neither of us have played regularly for a while. He won the roll for first turn, and I didn't attempt to steal the initiative as I was planning to make a Deathwing Assault (tm).

In the end Joe won out, scoring 6 kill points to my 4. He did an excellent job outmaneuvering me, rendering my command squad, captain, and a supporting Deathwing squad (over 1/3 of my army's points value) almost completely harmless. Some highlights:
  • A four-turn dreadnought vs. venerable dreadnought slugfest (the venerable lost, but at least it held down a flank in the meantime)
  • Vulkan He'stan slaughters two full Deathwing squads, almost single-handedly
  • a single squad of terminators absorbs comical amounts of heavy bolter and autocannon fire
There's also some pictures of my in-progress tactical marines on Joe's flickr.


  1. You are a brave soul using the DA codex.

    Your marines are coming a long very nicely. Love the plasma cannon one!

  2. That guy didn't hit a single thing over five shooting phases, but at least he damaged my opponent's retinas! Thanks, Privateer Press turquoise ink!