Monday, June 27, 2011

Slow and Purposeful

No pictures to accompany this post, but last night I engaged in a massive cleaning/priming/basing operation. As it stands, there are 22 primed terminators and a dreadnought on the table, as well as finished bases for ten of the terminators and the dread. Early this week I'll give the terminators their Gryphonne Sepia wash and finish up a bunch more bases. When I get that far, I'll be able to attach the models to the bases permanently, and then they'll just be waiting for detailing. It'll be nice to have a significant portion of the army in a playable state.

Also, I've been using foundation paints to do some of the rubble on the bases - I'm very impressed with the coverage.

It turns out that I'm actually in pretty good shape. So far I only have a number of half-finished Dark Angels sitting around, but I'm very pleased with the way everything's coming out so far. On a conservative estimate, by the time 'Ard Boyz rolls around I'll have everything primed, shaded, and based, if not completely finished. I'm almost certain to bring a suboptimal, not-particularly-competitive list (no surprise, since I'm fielding Dark Angels), but if I play some games with painted models, I'll be happy.

Current tournament readiness grade: B


  1. Your gaming outlook just got jazzhands... sweet.

  2. Yup. Even more progress last night. Chugging along.