Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Capture and Control

I made it out to the game club last weekend where I had the opportunity to face off against Colin's Nurgle-heavy Chaos marine army at the 2000 point level. We rolled Capture and Control with a Dawn of War deployment. The mission practically guaranteed a draw, but the deployment type favored my close-range heavy infantry.

I brought a mix of things I had painted up - a few squads of terminators with Belial, a tactical squad, an assault squad, a venerable dreadnought, and a small squad of Ravenwing bikers. Colin's list had a daemon prince, a large squad of terminators, two dreadnoughts, a few squads of plague marines, and a handful of summoned daemons.

I botched the deployment, but managed to pull off a draw, something for which I consider myself lucky. My 40king is out of practice as I haven't played since November, but I was also distracted by a personal text message I received directly before the battle. It had already been a strange day, as earlier I had helped thwart a suicide attempt downtown by a man who was threatening to jump from a parking garage. There was a lot of waiting around hoping the cops showed up on time (they did), and then a battery of questions afterward. One of the great things about this town, there's always something to do.

This is probably a little too "real" for a blog about toy soldiers, but you need to know that the only way a man can deploy his slow-moving Deathwing squads on the flanks, leaving them largely unsupported, is if his head's not in the right place. In the future, I need to remember to keep the terminators together and surge. On its own, a single Deathwing squad is fairly formidable - the command squad alone pasted the daemon prince and a squad of plague marines in a single combat - but two or three squads together can do the things like advance and hold ground. You know, the things you need to do to win games.

Luckily, it turned out to be a pretty exciting game for both of us despite the inauspicious beginning. Toward the end, Colin was in a position to win if a few dice rolls (a difficult terrain check and random game length) came up his way. I hadn't realized I left myself so exposed but luckily (for me) things didn't line up. Colin is a canny opponent and I'm glad I had the opportunity to play against him - it was a definite wake-up call, an excellent reminder that even though I'm not attempting to make a serious run at winning 'Ard Boyz, I need to be more attentive during my games.

As far as physical preparations, things are progressing nicely. I have a few squads washed with Gryphonne Sepia and attached permanently to finished bases. They're not fully painted by any means, but they're more than playable. Sorry, Matt, no cameras were forthcoming, but I'll try again this Sunday.

I've hit my stride now and I fully expect to show up to the tournament with everything primed, washed, based, and maybe a couple squads painted as well. I think it'll be a respectable showing. I'd like to upgrade my grade to an "A," but I still haven't ironed out my final army list so I'm going to leave this as is for now. On the bright side, my woman is going south for a week or so, so I'll have ample modeling time in the coming days. She's telling me she might not come back, either, so expect big things on the toy soldier front.

Current tournament readiness grade: B

I've got the Deathwing blues.

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  1. Way to go on thwarting that suicide. I am interning at the Medical Examiners office and have to go to scenes like this way to often. You get an A in my book!!!