Monday, August 8, 2011

I am competitive.

The dust from 'Ard Boyz has cleared, and 2,500 points of terminators are all back on the shelves. At 12 players, there was a decent turnout, and the staff at Redcap's managed everything smoothly. I learned some rough lessons, but overall I'm happy with the results:
  • Round 1: vs. Lovell's Necrons: massacre (Dark Angels), full battle points
  • Round 2: vs. Jesse's Imperial Guard: major victory (Imperial Guard), 1 battle point
  • Round 3: vs. Jonathan's Eldar: Massacre (Eldar), no battle points
I believe this puts me at around 17 points for the tournament - probably toward the bottom of the pile (update: I tied for 6th of 12), but every point was well-earned. The second round was particularly close and I nearly pulled off a draw, which I'll count as a morale victory against my opponent's formidable Guard list.

The most surprising result of the day, however, is that I am forced to admit that I'm competitive. I don't mean that I have any particular sort of competency - although I can hang with the members of our club, which is good enough for me. What I mean is, it turns out that I care about winning games after all, at least in a tournament environment. As Lovell's triple monolith threat touched down at the end of the first game, I felt that familiar knees-locked-posture set in, and although our game was perfectly friendly, I think I may have actually grit my teeth when my Imperial Guard opponent started putting down ordnance templates.

Turns out this stuff is serious business after all.

Another lesson of the day: deployment is king. All three of the games were won and lost on deployment, either mine or my opponent's. I'm sure this is aggravated by the extreme immobility of my Deathwing army, so it's even more important to devise a solid battle plan and stick with it.


  1. "I don't mean that I have any particular sort of competency"

    I'm thinking about getting this tattooed on my forehead.

  2. DE can be tough for Dark Angels. Bummer about the bad match up. Good run, though!

  3. Also, re: competitiveness

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game on another level. The thrill of tournament games is why I keep coming back to minis.

  4. It was actually just regular eldar, which I totally underestimated. I deserved to lose, though, because I just plopped my footsloggers down with no real kind of plan when I had a few better deployment options. Lesson learned.

    As for competitive play, I was never interested so it's novel. I'm going to give it another shot in a month or so.