Friday, November 18, 2011


I want a rock!
I'm rushing to get 1,000 points of Warriors of Chaos to a playable state by next Sunday, which is why I sat down last night to paint this Wood Elf from start to finish. Who knows why I do these things?

I'm not completely satisfied with the miniature or the photograph, but I'm growing fond of this one. I rushed the face and it's looking a little pink, but the local shop was out of Elf Flesh. More angles on flickr.
A big thanks to Professor Tolkien for influencing the English language in such a way that I don't have to write about "wood elfs."
 Yes, I see the resemblance.


  1. (Two handed) striking! Love the gradations here and that's interesting wear on his weapons...

  2. Thanks dudes. I think it's not bad for a quick job, but it's not as good as the chaos warriors. There are more tones of brown that aren't showing up in this photo. As far as the weird metal, it's something I was trying out. I guess it's some sort of meteoric iron - I imagine wood elves don't have a lot of mining operations.