Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blood in the Badlands Impressions

After having a few days with the Blood in the Badlands book, I'm not overly satisfied with my purchase. I was hoping it would be a "campaign in a box" like the old Idol of Gork set. Unfortunately, it's not much more than a hardbound White Dwarf issue.

Retailing at $33, it's a slim volume, and it gets much slimmer when you discount the battle reports, which take up at least half of the book. What's left is an interesting but unfortunately pamphlet-sized collection of background material, campaign rules, and a few scenarios. What little rules the book does provide rely on the Mighty Empires and Storm of Magic campaign supplements - so although you could certainly get along without them, if you haven't invested in these additional expansions, Blood in the Badlands is an even lesser value.

I was also disappointed to find (and this isn't Games Workshop's fault, just an unhappy coincidence), that the army special rules for Dwarves and Warriors of Chaos cancel each other out. So, Jon, it might be time to recruit other participants for the campaign.

It's not all bad. The production value is extremely high, as always, and the hardcover is nice. What rules the supplement does provide seem to be enough to create an interesting experience without emphasizing the campaign over individual battles too much. I don't even mind the army features and battle reports too much - they're fun to read - I just wish they would have saved them for the magazine. In addition to the overwhelming amount of battle reports and campaign journals, the book is full of little sidebars and callouts featuring the studio's inside jokes. I can't help but feel that I've just spent money to read about someone else having fun.

Hopefully it'll be just as much fun when I get a chance to try it out for myself.

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  1. I agree. I was underwhelmed. There isnt much meat to it.