Monday, December 5, 2011

Two More Battles

Death! Destruction! The Dark Gods! It's all part of a Sunday afternoon.

Jon and I played two 1,000 point games this weekend as part of our quest for mastery over the Warhammer Fantasy system before we start looking for some tournaments. We decided to play both games by the book, using all of the crazy terrain generation rules.

At the end of the day we each took home a win. I won the first game by massing my forces in a corner and applying as much pressure as possible to Jon's left flank. A large hill in the center of the table helped hide my units from Jon's Organ Gun and Thunderers while I chomped through his dudes piece by piece. In the second game, I foolishly deployed my knights immediately in front of the Dwarven artillery, and due to a failed charge (4 inches on 3d6, really?) and poor rolls on my Blasted Standard, Jon mercilessly obliterated ~30% of my army in one fell swoop. Elsewhere, his Ironbreakers cut down my ogres to seal the game.

I think we're both becoming much more comfortable with the system. We're planning another game this Sunday, and I hope to assemble another unit or two before then so we can move to 1,500 points. In my current list, I have about 500 points tied up in 9 models, and it's starting to catch up with me, so I'll need to get more troops on the table soon.

I also need to rethink my magic. I've been having some success with the Lore of Tzeentch (in our first game, my Sorcerer pulled off Treason, causing the crew of the Organ Gun to slaughter each other in one turn), but it' seems pretty situational - I'm finding there are a lot of instances where I have wasted magic dice at the end of the turn due to a lack of targets or spells.

Jon and I both pre-ordered the new campaign book, so I hope we'll get a chance to start playing some linked games soon. Clearly, there is a rivalry brewing between my northern barbarians and Jon's bearded heroes.


  1. Awesome. I cried into my sofa that there were no pics here though.

  2. That is my fault. My wife bought me this fancy new camera and I think I took two pictures over the two games. Jason paints a pretty vivid picture of the evening though. There were a few times where the unlucky rolls were piling up on both sides. Like when the Arcane Ruins took out two very important pieces of our armies.

    I read a little bit of the campaign book and I am really looking forward to it. Siege rules sound cool too.