Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angels of Death

Jon and I are signed up to dominate the March 24 doubles tournament at Redcap's Corner. We're sure to be the darkest, bloodiest angels in the place.

 Sky is turning red, return to power draws near

Friday, February 17, 2012

Success is measured in blood, yours or your enemies'

War. War never changes.

Wait a minute, wrong game. My good friend Mike and I recently played a game of 40k and the barren wasteland of the battlefield gave the game an apocalyptic feel. 1250 points of my Dark Angels clashed with his Raptors Space Marines in what was clearly a failure to communicate.

The Raptors stand firm against the Deathwing assault.
Mike wanted a refresher on the rules, so we played a standard Annihilation mission, explaining things as we went. He won the roll to deploy and wisely chose to deploy second. I held my Deathwing units in reserve and placed a tactical squad in a rhino behind a low hill for some cover and sent the Ravenwing to the center of the table to act as a teleport anchor. Mike deployed in a strong gun line position with some fast-moving elements on his right flank and a tactical squad with a drop pod in reserve.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Campaign Turn 2

Alert to the presence of the Chaos warhost, the Dwarven Thane leads his troops through Marrow Pass.

The Dwarfs seize the initiative