Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honor the Codex

If you've got two armies, a Necromunda gang, and a Kill Team to paint, what's the most logical course of action?

Create a custom dice case, obviously.

Honor the codex.

I wanted to bring something special to the upcoming Kill Team tournament at Redcap's Corner, so I put together this codex-inspired custom dice case to show my opponents that I bring the power of the codex. It was originally intended to be a figure case - it's just wide enough for a standard model on a 25 mm base - but after some deliberation I revised my list and unfortunately, my Kill Team won't fit inside. So, of course I created a second box (not pictured).

The box itself was fairly time-intensive, but creating the purity seal was the most involved part of the project. Of course, now that I've done the development work, I can churn out as many purity seals as I want with relatively little effort.

I may not win Saturday's tournament, but I'll be there in style.


  1. Super awesome and filled with giga-win. Where did you get the box?

  2. A little place called A. C. Moore.