Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battle Honors

In the past three months, I've played far, far more competitive games of 40k than I have in the last five years. I've been enjoying it quite a bit and I don't intend to stop, but the real reason I play 40k is for the imagery and the background. The PAGE crew has been transitioning to a "casual competitive" play style, and while it's really gratifying to see all of us making huge strides in our generalship abilities, we haven't played a campaign or a narrative battle in a while.

I'm always thinking about ways to stimulate narrative play (I'm working on a two-person campaign system right now, if any of the PAGE guys are reading this and interested in playing). I'm also into the idea of creating my own personal "fluff" even though I play an official army. It recently occurred to me that I can use my competitive games to drive the background for my army.

So I'm thinking about creating a series of "battles honors," which work exactly like the achievements system you can find in most video games these days. That way, when I'm playing a tournament game, it's easier to imagine the events of the game happening in a larger context. Here's what I came up with so far:

Battle honors an only be earned in tournament play, or in games that are specifically part of a larger narrative.

Army Battle Honors

These honors are to be applied to all marines attached to the Dark Angels Strike Cruiser Hideous Burden:

  • Coronam Rubinus: Azrael has awarded the strike force custodianship of the Coronam Rubinus, a crown of blood-red metal said to date back to the days of Old Caliban. Win first place at a tournament at Redcap's Corner.
  • Deck 42 Cleared: The strike force has cleared the main deck of the Battle Barge Inexorable Hymn, and reclaimed it for the fleet. Win first place at a tournament at Top Deck Games.
  • Nova Virgo Campaign Medal: Assist in the liberation of the embattled planet Nova Virgo. Participate in the NOVA Open.
  • For Caliban: Win a game with a standard bearer occupying an objective outside of its deployment zone.
  • Third Company Crest: Win first, second, or third place without fielding any named characters.
  • Never Forget, Never Forgive: Lose a game to a PAGE member. Then, win a game against the same PAGE member within three months.
Personal Battle Honors

These honors are earned and applied to specific members of a Dark Angels strike force:
  • Crux Terminatus: Destroy a model that is worth double this model's points, or end the game in possession of an objective while enemy models are within 6". One model per squad per game only. Models with the 'Inner Circle' rule are not eligible for this honor.
  • Black Pearl: Achieve the secondary objective 'The Hunt' while an Interrogator-Chaplain is acting warlord.
  • Hand of Caliban: Defeat an enemy independent character in a challenge. Squad sergeants only.
  • Redemptor: Defeat a model that has both the "daemon" and "monstrous creature" rules in the assault phase.
  • Marksman's Honor: Kill an enemy model with a precision shot.
Any ideas for new honors?

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