Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dark Angels Sargeant and Fancy Codex

There's a lot of things on the painting table lately. Most recently, I finished a model I started a couple years ago:

I want you

Sorry for the poor quality, I have both lighting and camera issues. I'll have to show up to a tournament with Joe at some point and trick him into taking some better pictures. I'm not really sure what this guy is supposed to be; I originally conceived of him as a company champion for a command squad but he doesn't have a combat shield. He could be a stand-in for Azrael, but no combi-plasma. I used him as a librarian the other day, but he's not blue. And he's a little too fancy to be a sergeant with a power weapon. But the cool thing is I suppose he could really work as any of those things.

Keep an eye out, like I said, a lot more stuff is coming up.

Also, continuing with the theme of props, I fancified my Dark Angels codex using a discarded leather book cover I got from church. Doesn't seem to have any particular blessings on it as my dice seem to be coming up about the same, but it looks the part.

honor the codex

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