Monday, February 11, 2013

Wolf's Head

In preparation for NOVA, I'm making it a point to attend every monthly tournament at Redcap's Corner. This weekend's tournament format was doubles, a particular favorite of mine.


It was a good day, not only because Joe and I ended up taking second, but because each round was incredibly close. With any luck, I took away some valuable lessons for NOVA. All the PAGE folks finished in the top half, as well, so it's satisfying to see our group improving in terms of skill.

Here's how it played out:

  1. Vs. Tau (Bob) and Chaos Space Marines (Aaron), Purge the Alien, victory
  2. Vs. Dark Eldar (Walter) and Dark Eldar (Diane), The Scouring, crushing victory
  3. Vs. Chaos Space Marines (Chris) and Chaos Space Marines (Dante), The Emperor's Will, crushing victory

Failed stupidity check: We fought three Chaos Space Marine armies throughout the day. The Deathwing have preferred enemy against Chaos. I didn't use the rule a single time. Oops. Still, no real harm done as it wouldn't have changed the standings.

Better pictures and more commentary over at Rocketship Games.

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