Thursday, January 16, 2014

The King in Yellow

After many weeks of screwing around with the airbrush, I've decided that I am currently happier with the results I can achieve through my usual method of painting, so it's time to begin mass production. I'll return to the airbrush at some point, but to be honest I really enjoy painting with inks and the look suits my personal aesthetic. For this project I'm using Secret Weapon Minatures Sunshine, Golden Yellow, and Yellow Snow washes. I'm a huge fan of their products and I really just cannot say enough good things about them in general.

Scouts infiltrate the production line despite not being in the army list


  1. Yo,

    A comment I've been meaning to make after looking at my photos of your test dude from the Apoc game: 1) He looks really good. 2) You might though want to put a bit heavier black/brown/whatever wash along the crevices, and/or highlight the edges brighter. Something to contrast the shapes more strongly. This is less about real life, and more about photos. I thought the photos seemed to flatten the shading a bit more than he had seemed in real life. Definitely not a problem, still looks good, but he looked just a bit more flat yellow and unshaded in photos than I thought he had in person.

    Just something to consider.

  2. I agree. It does look better shaded in person than in the photo, but even in person I am working opn adding more shading between the armor plates. One of the things about painting with washes is that I have found even washes that have been matt varnished are somewhat more vulnerable to fading from exposure to natural light than acrylic paints. Also, just in general I'm definitely finding yellow harder to paint than other colors.

  3. Yellow and Red are the bane of a colourist's existence.