Sunday, February 8, 2015

Silence the Blasphemous Chanting

Amidst a flurry of activity, we raise a temple to the gods of the warp! We recently had a short but fairly productive meeting for the initial build of our Adepticon '15 display board:

extremely early stage of my chaos portal thingy
the penitent man kneels before (the) god(s)

I've also been progressing with the daemons. I experimented with zenithal highlighting, which is a technique you've probably heard of where you simulate global lighting by priming your miniature black, then hitting it from a 45 degree angle with grey, and then finally from the top with white, to create a gradation that mimics an overhead light source. I was extremely pleased with the initial results. The subtle transitions, grungy contrast, and small amounts of chalkiness really suit my personal aesthetic. It's pretty hard to tell with my cell phone pics, but take a look:

this is like 40% of the army :(
Well, back to the table.

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