Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Brief Message From Our Sponsors

I came across the following quote today. Andy Chambers, circa 1998:
“The first and most fundamental principles of wargaming rules: They are loose, wooly affairs which never detail exactly what you want to know in any given situation. “Why” I hear you chorus, “Isn’t that your job you charlatan?” (you may want to use stronger terminology here). It’s because wargaming isn’t played on a gridded-out playing area with a set number of strictly defined pieces. Wargaming is about colour, movement and breathing life into the armies you lovingly amass and then drive headlong into your opponent. The number of variables in a normal miniatures game is simply staggering if you consider the diversity of terrain, armies, playing area, dice rolls, points values and all the rest of it.”
When it comes to Games Workshop games, there's been an overwhelming amount of changes in the last few years. Codices are coming faster and faster, we're seeing new armies, there are a million supplements, the line between Forge World and Games Workshop units is basically non-existent – it's all coming so fast that the whole thing can seem a bit sloppy.

Over the last three or four years, my games of 40k have been almost exclusively "competitive," through local tournaments and large national conventions, and when I'm not playing the game I'm reading blogs. The consensus seems to be that there are some serious balance issues facing the game. I agree that's true, and I think the game has probably grown a little too fast and should spend the next year or so consolidating and clarifying. I certainly understand the frustration of having to accept that some armies are just not as good as others, and I understand why many people are now choosing to spend their time and cash on the many high-quality alternatives. So while I sympathize with the GW fatigue brought on by the system's current instability, I'm not too worried about it.

That's because the things that draw me to the game are more abundant now than they have been since second edition. Colo(u)r, movement, and breathing life. That's what I'm here for.