Monday, February 1, 2016

Battle: Rise of the Eldar!

I headed out to Redcap's Corner last night for a 1,000 point game against the ubiquitous Kingbreakers. Joe has been scouring the dark corners of the galaxy for aid, because in addition to a small squad of the Legion of the Damned, he also brought some new friends – an Eldar warhost!

oh what a lovely day

The forces of Chaos:
  • Cerberex, chaos lord of Nurgle with power axe and sigil of corruption
  • The Cauldron Born, 6x plague marines with 2 melta guns and a rhino
  • Vulture Legion, 5x chaos space marines with plasma gun and a rhino
  • Beelzu'ul the Black Seraph, daemon prince of nurgle with daemonic flight and a greater reward of chaos
  • Bloom and Blight, 2 squads of nurglings
  • Gutshot, a giant chaos spawn
  • blight drone
Champions of Order:
  • Captain Nytol and command squad in a razorback
  • Legion of the Damned with combi-grav, plasma gun, and heavy bolter
  • A squadron of Predators with autocannons and heavy bolter sponsons
  • 2x squads of Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar jetbikes with scatter lasers

Due to the small game size, we decided to play the Crusade mission on a 4'x4' board. I deployed first and took the first turn, moving my army up the field. In return, the plague marines' rhino was glanced to death by a tremendous amount of medium-strength dice, leaving them huddling in cover in the center of the table.

top of turn 1

Meanwhile, Beelzu'ul and Vulture Legion continued to push the right flank. The daemon prince destroyed a predator with his strength 8 ap 1 shooting attack, but failed to successfully charge the remainder of the squadron. In return, the scatter lasers from the jetbikes sent the daemonic entity back to the warp while the Legion of the Damned materialized to hunt the chaos lord while Nytol's squad moved forward to reinforce their allies.

 bottom of turn 2

With my push on the right flank mostly evaporated (I would lose the remainder of Vulture Legion later that turn), I turned to defend the central objective. The blight drone finally made its way to the battlefield, catching a squad of guardians with its mawcannon, only to be gunned down by scatter lasers in response. Cerberex, the remaining two plague marines, and the giant chaos spawn assaulted the Legion of the Damned, dispatching the majority of the squad, and finishing them off in the bottom of turn three.

top of turn 3: thank you for joining us, blight drone

My army had taken some hard knocks, but by turn four it was looking like I might have a shot at a very close victory. I was able to catch the jetbikes in an assault, destroying them and then consolidating toward the center objective. Joe cleverly moved the razorback to claim the central objective, forcing me to send the giant spawn to deal with the tank while the chaos lord and the remainder of the plague marines faced down the Kingbreakers HQ alone. Without Gutshot's bulk to lend momentum to the attack, Cerberex and the plague squad were wiped, and the giant spawn fell to enemy fire after taking out the transport. With just five bases of nurglings under my command and Joe's army more or less intact, we shook hands, ending a great game.

1 objective, linebreaker

2 objectives, first blood, slay the warlord

Order victory!

Cerberex returns to the plague fleet to lick his wounds... probably literally...

sweet, sweet vengeance

move, move, move!


  1. Ooooh that game was pretty close. Now add in some new nurgle artifacts and you're set!

  2. Wow, never ever heard of this game before. Although it does looks pretty fun. To be honest, I think there should be more strategic games like this that you play like this instead on your computer.