Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Season of the Witch

a decidedly unsanctioned psyker

The Hexorcist
4 3 4 1 3 1 3 1 8

Beyond the reach of Imperial authority, bathed in the light of strange stars, psychic phenomena and the unfortunate souls who manifest them are unchecked. The fringe worlds are a haven for unsanctioned psykers, and Chalcydon is no different. In fact, Chalcydon is a veritable nest of these rogue sorcerers. The individual known as The Hexorcist is powerful warp conduit, but maintains a tenuous grasp indeed upon the powers of the Immaterium...

Wargear: None

Empyrean Armor: The Hexorcist has a 5+ invulnerable save. This is increased to 4+ if The Hexorcist did not attempt to fire a Warp Bolt during the previous turn.

Warp Bolt: In the shooting phase, The Hexorcist can attempt to unleash a Warp Bolt. To do so, it must first pass a Leadership test. If the test is passed, resolve the attack as if The Hexorcist were firing a plasma gun (p.63). You may choose either profile, but if you choose the maximum power setting and the weapon explores, The Hexorcist instead suffers a wound with no saving throws of any kind allowed. Ignore all ammo rolls for this weapon.

If the test is failed, it cannot unleash a Warp Bolt this turn. However, if you roll a double 6 for this test, The Hexorcist also suffers a wound with no saving throws of any kind allowed.

Warp Lure: The entities of the warp notice this psyker.