Friday, December 22, 2017

Incident at Position Percival-VIII

++Imperial date: 2 543 987.M41
++Astropathic-duct: saboath crimson
++Inquisitorial clearance code: <redacted>

++Subject: Incident at Position Percival-VIII
++Ref: Invasion of Hammerfall
++Thought for the day: A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.


The invasion of <Hammerfall> is under way. Our contacts within Battlefleet Ultima have reported the presence of vessels belonging to the  chaos warband known as <The Cauldron Born> in high orbit around the planet. A collection of void pirates and renegades ride their wake like the tail of a rotten comet. Our augurs do not detect the psychic signature of the <Ghost Moon>, although a consultation of the Emperor's Tarot reveals the presence of a daemonic warhost many times greater than the number of invaders in realspace.

As of 12 standard hours ago, the invaders made planetfall at a series of key military and civil sites across the planet.  According to our intelligence, <The Cauldron born> are still recovering from losses at the battle of <Colandre> and <Hammerfall> is strongly garrisoned by the <Valhallan> regiments of the Astra Militarum. As our initial analysis predicted, the invasion attempt is largely contained. However, I bring your attention to the incident at <Percival-VIII.>

<Position Percival-VIII> is a garrison protecting a secondary approach to one of three main starports in the theater of operations. This position was found to be secure in 98.3% of our simulations.

Lord Inquisitor, I must be direct. <The Cauldron Born> committed a greater than expected amount of force to this position, even at the expense of locations deemed more tactically important. During the battle, a great host of daemons surged over the Valhallan positions. Even this would not have been a great hardship, however, the primary emplacement at <Percival-VIII> suffered a catastrophic magazine explosion during the assault. The regiments defending the position have suffered heavy casualties and are in disarray. The damage was, frankly, catastrophic. Survivors from the attack are withdrawing to the starport, but they are without the influence of their ranking officers, may the Emperor protect their souls, and the column is highly disordered.

We have detected the following entities in the invasion party:
<Hexarch Cerberex> <Rahab, Angel of the Depths> <Be'elzuul the Black Seraph>

A known Officio Assassinorum operative in the area is still missing.

Vid-logs from the landing site follow this missive. I implore you to grant permission to mobilize our operatives in the region.

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